Breathing is something we do naturally, we don’t get taught when and how.  It is part of our make-up in keeping alive.  We were created to breath in and out taking great breaths of air that fill our very being.  It’s something that we don’t have to think about.

So normal!  So regular!  So routine and easy!  You don’t have to struggle and strive.   It just happens every day and night, sleeping or wide awake.  We were designed to worship in the same way.   Not to have a time to start and times to stop, but simply to breathe in and out the Spirit of God.  A natural flow of God’s Spirit to our spirit – constant communion and life.  

Worship should not be something that we fear or dread. It should be something that actually makes our life easier! Think about it – if you stop breathing, life get’s pretty difficult!    Without breathing you will die.  Without worshipping our spirit will die.

Worship brings life and fulfilment.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  God’s Spirit desperately wants communion with you and wants to breathe life into your life, soul and spirit.

God bless,