It’s just like breathing.

As a Pastor many people approach me regarding the “calling” issue. What am I supposed to do?  WhTed and Kyls...blissat has God called me too?  Where am I supposed to be?  How do I find out if I’m in the will of God?  Is this the right place? Is this the right church?  Have I married the right person?  Is she/he God’s perfect will for my life?

So many questions about the “WILL” of God!  The “CALL” of God!  My heart is to assist people in finding their calling.  Sometimes it takes many years to find.  Sometimes it happens to people the moment they invite Christ into their life.

We are designed to “Worship”.  Every person, in every place, all the time.  So natural!  So easy!  His yoke is easy, His burden is light.  Like breathing we should have a clear, clean vessel to breath. No hindrances.  No blockages, just breathe.  Our worship should be like this.

We don’t have faith in Faith.  We have faith in God!  We don’t worship, worship.  The sound, the style, the feel, the emotions that worship brings.  It’s not nostalgia!  The good old songs when we were in revival.  We’re not talking about the altar call or ministry time. Our worship is our lives, our disposition, our attitudes, our spiritual desire, our hunger for God.  Our appetite for God.  The fruit of the Spirit is evidence of the Spirit of Christ in our lives.  This is naturally, supernatural.  This is God’s call.

So, is the call of God on your life?  God’s calling is God’s calling.  It just so happens to be on you and therefore you must acknowledge that call, be content in that call, and live out that call every day, just like breathing.  It’s not struggling and striving.  It’s resting and being at peace with yourself and God.  Doing what He wants, how He wants, where He wants you!

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and HE DELIGHTS in his ways!

Here are some thoughts to help you to be clear about your calling.  The way I have continued to discover that I am in God’s perfect place is my ability to SENSE and HEAR.  It’s a discerning that must be developed through your heart of worship.  Being able to SENSE if that is the right school your kid’s are supposed to attend.  To be able to SENSE the right marriage partner for your life.  To have that SENSITIVITY, that leading, that uncanny ability to find that groove where everything is peaceful and right in God’s eyes. “SENSSSSSSSITIVITY”  Being attentive to His small still voice.  That inner knowing that you’re in God’s perfect will.

Ask yourself….

1.) What does the Word of God say?

2.) Have I found that that place of peace and contentment in my heart.  “Deep call’s too deep”.  What do I sense God saying in my heart/spirit man?

3.) What does your close family say?  Colleagues (People I trust and love and have allowed the right to speak into my life – people with credibility)

4.) What does my Pastor say about this?  In other words……. Your spiritual covering, God’s delegated authority over your life.

You can be a brick layer or a lawyer and be incredibly fulfilled.  I spent a season out of what we call full-time ministry, working in fashion.  Then I accepted a job as a truck driver transporting horses across Australia.

I felt the Holy Spirit say to me just before I finalized my licence to fulfil this role.  He said, “Ted, I just wanted to see if you could or would serve me this way for the rest of your life.” I hadn’t driven one truck and I received a invitation to pastor the church here in Whyalla, South Australia.

Then He said in that still small voice, “Ted, I wanted to know whether you would be willing to serve the community and the people of Whyalla.  Would you be willing to love them and bring them into their promised land?”

My answer was “YES, LORD!” Anywhere you send me, I will go. I said, “But Lord, this isn’t the most desired destination. This church has much hurt and many differing opinions due to a drought of long term leadership. The people are listening to numerous voices that only bring confusion and instability.”

I said “Lord, I’m hurting myself.”

And He said, “Love them, Ted, and teach them to love and worship Me. Restore them as I will restore you.”

It wasn’t complicated, just testing!  Just like breathing you walk with Him, talk with Him, so sweet, so natural.  My worship, my calling, my future, my marriage, my family, my church, my dreams and aspirations are all in His hands, His timing, and His place of residence!

One step at a time!  One breath at a time!  Stopping when there is a closed door, and walking through the open doors.  Keeping accountable, and submitted, is all crucial in Kingdom Living.  Being lead by His spirit!

Remembering, “All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial.”  There are always consequences to our choices.  There’s a price to pay!  The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost! GOD’S WILL IS GOD’s WILL…Just live to please Him and the rest will follow.