Family Worship CentreMaximizing The Time!


Time is a precious commodity!  You can make more money, work harder, more hours but, time comes and goes and you can’t get it back.  In turbulent times you need an unwavering faith and determination to maximize every moment of the day.


“Redeem the time” the Bible says.  We waste and squander time like it doesn’t matter.  God has given each of us the mandate to win a lost world, yet we get distracted away from the goal.  He has entrusted us with so much and placed seeds of greatness inside each of us, yet we allow things, and predominately people, to steal from us our time.


People will intentionally or unintentionally take away and even try to sabotage our future by bringing us down to a level so carnal and ungodly that before we know it we are entrapped and manipulated by their web of distraction.


I am very aware nowadays that I can not please everyone and I can not be friends with everyone.  I made a choice some time ago not to allow myself to be manipulated or controlled by negative people whose aim is to pull down. These people are usually takers and not givers as they profess.


Each of us has gifts and abilities that God has given us and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to utilize them with the TIME we are privileged to have been given.  Sometimes we have to refocus and make adjustments, shake of self pity, resentment, discouragement and redeem the time.  Make the most of each day.  God didn’t put us here to be unproductive.  We worry too much about what others think of us – not everyone will like you!  DO NOT WASTE TIME TRYING TO RECONCILE WITH PEOPLE OR SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO RECONCILE.


At the end of your life God will ask you about 4 things

1. What did you do with the TIME I gave you?

2. How did you spend the money that you received?

3. Were your words idle?

4. What was the motive behind what you did?


Each day is a gift! 1 Corinthians 9:26…we run with purpose, not aimlessly…

Positive, hopeful, a song in your heart, a skip in your step!

Have a plan or goal…redeem your time!



TIME is limited so don’t get offended.  Just let it go and let God vindicate!  Life is too short!  Let it go and let God vindicate!


Some people live for years in bitterness and unforgiveness.  It’s like picking at a scab from an old injury.  The wound re-opens.  Sometime we have to change the channel.  We have the remote controls!  You need to exercise self control and get off the subject in your mind.  Take captive your thoughts!


When you’re emotional don’t make hasty decisions.


With people, remember, you can not control what people do or what they say.  Ephesians 4:26 Don’t let the sun go down!  Don’t allow the event to clutter and cloud your mind.  THE SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN!  You will regain more energy, fresh vision and new opportunities will open to you.


We don’t know how long we are here.  James 4:14




God has blessed you with the gift of today.  Don’t take it for granted.  2 Corinthians 6:1 – Do not waste, don’t squander.  We can’t do anything about the past.  Don’t focus on the disappointments.  Invest time in the new doors that God opens.  We are victors not victims.  We’re going over not under.  Our best days are ahead of us.  Make the most of the TIME!  Redeem the Time!



Misery is optional!


Every person goes through valleys but every valley presents us with the opportunity to climb up to a higher mountain.  When in need, SOW A SEED!  Volunteer in the valley!  Invest in someone else.  Help someone.  Make a decision not to be negative, worried, discouraged and controlled by others.  All these things waste precious emotions and time.  David said in Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.



Maximise Your Time!