Ted and ShaanaLife is full of twists and turns.


‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us out of them all.’ Psalm 34:19


How do we navigate through dark times of extreme pain?  What ten steps are there for me to apply in my life so that I am able to come through?  Is there a book I can read or a conference I can go too?  Maybe I need to take a break from church?  What I need right now is a boat cruise overseas!  I know what I’ll do…I’ll trade in my husband for another one!


None of these things are really the answer.  Some people go through difficult times and the first thing they want to do is opt out, change locations, move to another church, try a new relationship, buy a new toy, get a new outfit, but nothing seems to fill the void and heal the pain in their heart.


Over many years of ministry, I have studied people for a living and I have observed the many patterns in people’s lives.  My conclusion is that we are all desperately in need of God.  We look here and there but all that the world has to offer never fills the gap that a relationship with Christ does.  Intimacy in worship!  Being close to Him and knowing His presence.


Through my previous deep valley experience I have learnt that the consistency of good, fundamental foundations are the answer to making life work each day.  Breathing in and breathing out.  Allow yourself TIME.  It’s ok to get angry!  It’s ok to be lonely and frustrated. Rejection fills your inner self. Condemnation tries to sabotage your future.  Guilt and despair… “I should have…!”  “I could have…!”  “I would have…!” 


Let me say… just don’t stay there.  Get up again!  Breathe in, smell the roses and know the sun will shine again.  Accept your state!  Keep close to family and friends who love you.  Stay in fellowship each Sunday in a good church.  Love God but remember it’s ok if you don’t feel you can talk to God like you should.  No prizes for being a spiritual giant.  God knows, He understands and sometimes it’s just too hard.  He is loving and gracious and will always be there for you when you’re ready to talk.


What I have found is that we compartmentalize our lives.  “This is my social life.”  “This is my work life.”  “This is my church life.”  “This is my family life.”  If you’re married, “this is my sex night” and life becomes all to ridged, routine and boring.  


I’m convinced that our lives should be just like breathing.  Being and doing, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.  Loving God and loving life!  Accepting the good days and rejoicing in them and embracing the hard days remembering that God has not left you.  Make these times your best friend as they will either kill you or teach you something.  It all depends on your attitude.


It’s like our worship!  It’s like our ministry!  In and out of season!  The Samaritan woman thought it was a special place, a time, and a certain way.  This is religious!  Our lives must be worship. ‘Giving Him His due worth through our responses’, our attitude our general disposition.  It’s all the time, anywhere, and with our lives we give God great pleasure and glory!


A old song says, ‘He walks with me and talks with me and He calls me His own’ and ‘One day at a time sweet Jesus is all that I’m asking of you’.  Simple song’s but sometimes the simple songs say the most profound things.


Take life one day at a time!  ‘Just float’, my Dad used to say, and God will restore and give back over and beyond because His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways…they are much greater and His destiny, meaning His course of action, for you has been planned.  He’s still on the throne and very much in control.  Relax for easy power!


Sometimes you just have to plod along, but other times you plod along vibrantly!


God bless you heaps on your journey of faith!