My TedIS YOUR HEAD ON RIGHT? (Helping people help themselves)

Why do people get messed up with false doctrines, conspiracies, and end up confused and distracted in their faith?

It deeply saddens me and it concerns me greatly when good people are thrown off course.  Well meaning saints of God who have potential beyond their own understanding sabotage their future by silly thought patterns, ideas and beliefs they form from unreliable sources.  People take in the spin of others rather than the word of God in its true context being the foundation of their life.  People not under authority, not submitted!  People submitted means that they are SUPPORTIVE STRENGTH UNDER LEADERSHIP!

Some people are not accountable, doing their own thing, their own way.  These people God cannot use because they cannot be harnessed.  They have talents and abilities but unless you can pass the test of submission, they are just like a lightning bolt across the sky.

– Whatever they touch blows up.

– It explodes

– It sets on fire.

These people cannot be used for anything because their power is out of control!

People need a voltage regulator!

In my own experience there’s a frustration of wanting to reach out and help but knowing that my help will fall on deaf ears as people continue to do as people do.  And so the cycle goes on and on.  Crisis after crisis!

I want to give you signs of a person with their head on God’s way.

  1. They accept responsibility for their own behaviour and learn from failures.  They don’t repeat past errors (or repeat them easily).
  2. Are pleased to receive constructive criticism and are sincerely glad to have the opportunity to improve.
  3. Don’t expect special treatment.
  4. Meet emergencies and crisis with poise.
  5. Are not impatient with reasonable delays.  Realizes that the world runs to its own pace.  Expects to have to make reasonable compromise.
  6. Wins without gloating.  Endures defeat and disappointment with grace.  Tries to learn from every loss.
  7. Harbours no jealousy.  Are sincerely pleased for others when they enjoy good success.
  8. Are considerate of the feelings and options of others.  Are careful listeners.  Don’t become defensive, close-minded, and argumentative when discussing opinions.
  9. Plans for the future, rather than trusting the information of the moment.

Through right decisions and responses to scripture a pillar person becomes faithful and are vital parts of the house of God.

They are:

  1. Born Again.
  2. Water Baptised.
  3. Filled with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Faithful to corporate church gatherings.
  5. Faithful to connect groups.
  6. Joyfully give their tithes.
  7. Love to pray and worship God.
  8. Have a heart for winning their city to Christ.
  9. Vision for world missions
  10. Commitment to uphold family values
  11. Love for God that is expressed through all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength EVERYTHING!

This is what I believe makes up a mature Christian.  This is the person that will be sustained and successful in life.  Not confused, not distracted, and not taken up by sensationalism.  A person with their head TWISTED ON RIGHT!