WOOHOO!!  It's official! Love and Bliss!

WOOHOO!! It's official! Love and Bliss!

The 7th of June was approaching fast.  We were getting excited and everyone else was getting stressed!  Aparently that’s what wedding’s do to people!  To this day, neither Kylie nor myself were nervous, stressed or worried about anything. 

We simply knew that God had purposed everything and He would cause it all to work beautifully – Ecclesiastes 3:11. 

The week before the wedding, Kyls had her bridal shower.  Her family and friends came from Lincoln and Adelaide to help “prepare” her for our big day.  Mum and Dad were already in Whyalla helping to get our house ready and all the last minute things necessary.  Mum had made the girls dresses (from Brisbane via phone and email conversations!) so it was finally time to try them on.  Just like everything thing else, the dresses fit like wonderfully – another miracle from God.

With only a few days to go, Kyls and I were just craving quiet time together – there were so many people around everywhere!  Kylie’s dress was finished and her shoes arrived – another miracle that Kyls found on the net. 

We had planned to be married on a small bluff in a cove at the Marina in Port Lincoln, over looking the beach and the bay.  Kylie took much delight in convincing me that the weather was going to be simply stunning – the sun was going to shine and the sky would be clear.  I then took much delight in teasing her that it was going to rain ane the sky would be overcast!  It became a running joke between us to see whose prayers God would answer!

Just a few days before we were to head to Lincoln, my car decided to die.  In no uncertain terms, it was not going anywhere!  Even two of our mechanic geniuses were not able to make it right in time for our trip on the Thursday.  We were generously given a hire car – a new Commodore.  It turned out to be a God send as the volume of things that we had to take with us filled the car!  There was no way everything would have fit in my little Saab!

We said our final goodbyes to everyone and Kylie told the children in her class (who were more than excited that we were getting married) that Miss Addison would not be back at school again.  We were on the road and headed to the beginning of bliss!

We arrived in Lincoln and Kyls went and got brown!  Her tan looked fantastic (and no one knew the difference – til now!)!  Friday saw the beginning of everything finally coming together.  With the help of Kylie’s sister, Hayley and her partner, Andrea and Kylie’s Mum, Kylie’s Dad and his partner, we set the room and added the decorations and thought we were finished.  Kylie’s mum knew that she had wanted to have the most perfect room, but that we’d settled, without disappointment, for what our budget would allow.  Kylie’s mum surprised us greatly with a special delivery – everything else that we had looked at for room decorations!  The room looked amazing.  It was all white from floor to ceiling – a beautiful vision!  We had candles in pink, green and white at each table as the centre piece.  Each person had their own individual tea light candle and holder with their name painted on it. 

Our rehearsal was short and in the dark!  My boys arrived and things were getting exciting!  Kyls and I said our final goodbye and kissed for the last time as an unmarried couple.  It was the longest night but I had a great time with my boys- they were excited for us too!

Saturday morning and I had to talk to Kyls – I missed her and just wanted to hear her voice!  I spent the morning getting the boys organised (including buying my brother Phil a shirt as he’d forgotten to bring one – go figure!).  Kyls was having her hair done and the sun was shining – just as she’d hoped.  However, within minutes, the sky darkened and rain poured down.  After a few times of the sky clearing and then opening up again, Kyls made the call that the wedding would now be in a church.  We had some wonderful friends who quickly made light work of setting up the church and having things prepared for us. 

I had my photos done and then Steve, the photographer, went to Kyls.  I went with the boys to the church and waited, PATIENTLY, for Kyls to arrive!  For the first time, she actually had to be late as we had changed the venue and had to allow time for the guests to arrive. 

The moment had arrived.  Our song, ‘At the Beginning’, had begun to play.  Harry and Jordan walked down first, the Kristan and Becky.  Hayley was next and then Andrea.

I held my breath.  I didn’t know what to expect other than Kyls had aimed for the ‘WOW’ factor.  The doors opened and there she was….awesome, how beautiful!  She definitely had the ‘Wow’ factor!  I couldn’t take my eyes from her!  Now I understood why she had been asking me about dresses for so many months…she was stunning and her dress was a perfect complement to a perfect woman – my Princess.

We had a wonderful ceremony.  Kylie’s Dad and Mum gave her away and Kristan and Harry gave me away.  We had written our vows together and it was such a special and surreal experience to be able to share them with our friends.

Then, Ps Graham said…you may now kiss the Bride!  WOOHOO!!!!! Kyls and I were married!

We had a fabulous time with our photos – even got some with Makybe Diva!

Our reception was all class.  The candles were the only light in the room and the ambience was soft and romantic – quite fitting for a wedding reception!

The speeches were hilarious with an especially (funny) unmentionable mistake by our poor devastated and embarrassed MC!  Kylie’s Dad couldn’t have been more proud and my Dad was delighted to be able to welcome Kyls into the Evans’ family.  I made my speech and was so grateful and proud to be able to say that Kyls had waited for me – her family didn’t quite know what to make of that!  The comment did generate quite a response though! 

Finally, the meals were over and the dancing had begun.  We danced to a song called “The Only One” – a perfect description of our life and our love.  There were so many people that we loved who had been able to join us – we made sure to have photos with each one!

THEN…it was time for us to leave!  We said our goodbyes and headed to our hotel.

We unpacked and turned on the bath – a fabulous big spa bath.  Kyls turned on the music and …….

A little while later, we discovered that there were bubbles on the floor by our bed an the floorn was covered in water – we both thought the other had turned off the taps and then realised that neither of us had!

We called management and they did the best they could to clean up the water – there was quite a lot :(.  We had to spend some time in another room and then after a couple of hours went back to our room.

The next morning we thoiugh we’d have breakfast in our room only to discover that that wasn’t possible!  So, we did what all newly wed couples whose guests are all staying in the same hotel do – we went down stairs and ate breakfast!!  You could have knocked some of the over with a feather – we were the last people they expected to see!  It was good though as it broke the ice for them – now they’d seen their Pastor and Youth Pastor – the morning after their wedding!!!

It was a perfect wedding.  I married the most perfect woman and she tells me that she’s married the most perfect man.  How much more perfect could it get!?

It was difficult to say goodbye to my boys, but they were with Dad and Mum and my family.  We said goodbye to everyone and headed off to our honeymoon…

Our honeymoon is part 5!